The structure of a sentence

As you will quickly guess, this article is mainly for me: I want to formalize some notions hoping to get them fixed in my mind. If you come across this article and have something to correct, I would be grateful!

Structural particles

A simple sentence can be seen like this: | Subject | Verb | Object |

To distinguish each of these grammatical blocks, two particles are inserted: li and e

| Subject | LI | Verb | E | Object |

The indirect object is often introduced with tawa (toward):

mi pana e kili TAWA sina
–> I give you a banana.

It is placed at the beginning of the sentence and usually begins with tenpo and ends with la:

TENPO suno LA mi pana e kili loje lili tawa sina
–> today I give you a cherry.

it can be inserted almost anywhere and is introduced by lon :

ona li esun e ilo kalama linja LON ma Pasila
–> He bought a guitar in Brazil.

lon can also be used to introduce a time complement when it is not placed at the beginning of a proposition:

mi wile tawa LON tenpo ni.
–> I must go right now.

The particle la is omitted because it is not a context that is being established.

As we have just seen, the La particle makes it possible to provide a context. It is used, among other things, to construct a condition:

suno li weka la yan ale li kama moli
–> If it were not for the sun, we would all die.