sitelen sitelen font

A new toki pona font

I borrowed the magnificient sitelen sitelen’s vectorisation made by jan Same to build a simple font.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to reproduce the ingenious non-linear system of the script in a conventional font (as far as I know). But it still looks good as a linear writing system. To use it phonetically (nimisin), you just have to type in capital letters.

I added the latin transcription under the ideogram to make it easier to understand and help learning it.


There are a number of containers you can use. They make reading easier because they segment the sentence into units. If you need a ‘space’ inside a container, use “_” instead.

last update 1.3.6

Thanks to the help of jan Maje and jan Talu

  1. _lon is corrected
  2. small spaces between words inside a container are corrected
  3. to add a space inside a container, use _ (underscore)
  4. recenter quite a few latin chars
  5. _poka is fixed
  6. _tawa is fixed
  7. capital letters in containers are fixed
  8. left bracket followed by underscore is fixed
  9. underscore + e is corrected

Submit bugs and wishes here!


  • Original design : Joathan Gabel
  • Vectorized glyphs : jan Same
  • Vectorized nimi sin glyphs : (leko, kokosila, misekeke, lanpan, epiku, tonsi, monsuto, soko, kejetesantakalu, n, jasima) jan Pitaki
  • Font : jan Talu & jan Pitaki (

All this with the precious help of the whole community of tokiponists and more particularly : jan Maje (May) and janKe Tami

Here’s the link.

I hope you’ll have fun with it.






Shield: CC BY 4.0

This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

CC BY 4.0